I have a friend that has a problem. A problem I've heard from a couple differant people. His delima is this: Every time he is about to have sex with a so called “top” and they see how big his dick is their legs are up in the air before he can get his legs up! As soon as they see his 10.5in thick these masculine tops all of a sudden remember how much they really like dick in them and want to bottom.
Whenever I meet a guy who identifies himself as “versatile bottom” I already know what the deal is, he’s a bottom with a big dick but the gays won’t let him just be a bottom. A big dick nig who wants to get fucked doesn’t stand a chance in this life style.

I understand there may be a shortage of tops and some of you may be doing a Ms. Sophia rock back and fourth due to the lack of big dick tops but pleeeease I implore you (In my best chris crocker voice): LEAVE BIG DICK BOTTOMS ALONE!

You bottoms that find yourself being forced to top- You’ve got to hone your skill of picking out true tops and this may only be something that comes eventually thru trial & error. In the mean time you got to be true to who you are, stand firm and upfront in regards to what you want. Jack off before your encounters and if they switch it up on you at the last minute grab your shit and switch your ass right out the door!


corvedacosta said...

no comment...u said a lot

Forbidden Light said...

I hate that...You've hit the nail on the head with that one.

Especially being a big, tall guy that's hard find an opportunity to be a bottom. But, I guess, we all have dues to pay.

Thrustn7 said...

Love big dicked bottoms such a rush to fuck them. Send them all to me.

Anonymous said...

i wish i culd fuck u,guy, and suck ur huge dick. Hw i love huge dick bottoms,damn! Sexy! Horny!

Anonymous said...

God. If the guy in that picture was a bottom, I'd top him and watch his big cock flop about all day

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